Who we work with

Growth minded managers. Cultures that value data over opinions. Teams who are eager to create and understand their marketing engine. Businesses that believe winning comes through “doing good”.

Verticals we’ve gravitated towards:

Direct to Consumer

Looking to scale your e-commerce business? Or transition to e-commerce as part of navigating a pandemic strategy? Our agency thrives on helping D2C businesses scale using the latest ad platforms and marketing attribution technologies.

“We worked closely with David during 2020, a pivotal year for our company as our business model was changing to DTC. David’s insight and execution on our digital ad spend and overall strategy were instrumental in us achieving a 20X increase in website revenue over the previous year. Working with David was a pleasure, as he is a dedicated professional and a great human being.” 

Jonathan Miller

Co-Founder at Breeo | Forbes 30 under 30

Outdoor Industry

Looking for a digital marketing agency with a focus on the outdoor industry? You found it. Our team has a passion for the outdoors and we’ve naturally gravitated to work with businesses that share our love for nature.

“Overall the experience has been absolutely fantastic. From the get go, they genuinely wanted to understand the intricacies of our business and our customer to help us succeed.”

Amanda Schreier

Manager of Digital, Sea to Summit

SaaS Marketing

Digital Marketing for Software As A Service unintentionally became a niche for us. We discovered that the more nuanced prospect journey typical for most SaaS businesses was a perfect fit for the skill sets of our team. The challenges of B2B marketing are an appetizing challenge and we’ve happened across some exciting opportunities in this space.

“Before spending our hard-earned money on ads, the Quiet Owl Team took the time to really understand our business. They assisted us in developing the right tracking and measurements so that we could understand the performance of our ad budget. This methodology resulted in a tight feedback loop where changes were tested continuously. It has contributed massively to our year-over-year growth in recurring revenue.”

Barry Kukkuk

Chief Technology Officer, NETSTOCK

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Our Promise


We’ve seen doing things the right way beats short-sighted strategies in the long-run.

Data for good

We believe in using data to improve the customer experience.


From data analysis to communication, our culture is founded on seeking and speaking truth.


When we call out a problem, we’ll propose a solution.

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”

6-Week Money Back Guarantee

Try us for 6 weeks. We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the results. If you’re not, we’ll refund all agency fees.