Case Study: Nomad Design

Tackling digital growth for a global fishing brand


Boost e-commerce sales, don’t undermine dealers

Nomad Design made its name in saltwater fishing. Their lures and tackle are engineered to withstand the toughest fish in the most extreme conditions. Nomad cast out to expand its e-commerce presence, but there was a catch. Could DTC sales increase without alienating dealers, Nomad’s main source of revenue?

Scope & Goals

Execute a cross-channel approach to increase awareness and sales for both Nomad and its dealers.

Paid social content testing

Content testing: Reel in the algorithms

Nomad produced videos by the boatload. Yet they were hard to test – given the range of audiences, locations, species, techniques, and seasons involved. Meta's algorithms made things worse, favoring only a handful of ads and ignoring the rest. Nomad wanted clear feedback on which content worked, and why.

Our Solution

Quiet Owl made it easier to interpret results with a simpler account structure and targeting. Triple Whale became an important attribution tool, bypassing Facebook’s murky data. Quiet Owl methodically tested which creative works best to guide future content development, and even edited unused footage into some of Nomad’s top-performing ads.

Key Benefits
  • FINDING #1: Explainer videos do better than polished commercials
  • FINDING #2: Show someone actually catching a fish
What does an educational ad look like? Image

Results: 149% online revenue growth

Quiet Owl helped turn Nomad’s breakthrough products and expert content into a digital growth engine, shattering DTC revenue targets while dealer sales took off in parallel.


Online revenue growth


Brand search increase


Blended ROAS improvement
Quarterly Revenue Growth
Quarterly Revenue Growth Image
Client Approved

“Love working with Quiet Owl. We’ve grown a lot, made great improvements, and learned plenty along the way. ”

Damon Olsen | Founder, CEO