Case study: NETSTOCK

Tracking digital marketing through a long B2B sales cycle

Measurable Growth

Can digital marketing help a SaaS business which relies on partners?

NETSTOCK provides cloud-based software to more effectively managing inventory. They help a wide range of international businesses avoid stock-outs, manage excess, and place orders more efficiently.

Scope & Goals

Using advanced, highly-targeted digital marketing strategies, our team grew NETSTOCK’s website sales leads from less than 10/month to over 200/month.

Data-driven growth plan  /   Targeting  /   Conversion optimization  /   Pricing lead gen

Data-driven: success starts with understanding

The longer sales cycle of B2B creates unique digital marketing challenges. Tracking prospects through the buying journey is complex – on average, a business-to-business contract must be approved by five decision makers at each business. NETSTOCK needed a strategy to navigate these obstacles to provide scalable growth.

Our Solution

Our team dedicated itself to gaining a complete understanding of NETSTOCK’s business model. We used these insights to identify new marketing opportunities and craft a measurement model to determine the most effective advertising channels.

Key Benefits
  • A growth plan tailored for NETSTOCK
  • KPIs for gauging success
  • Quarterly targets

Innovative ad strategy to target only qualified prospects

NETSTOCK needed an outbound ad strategy tailored to reach a niche audience of prospects across the web. The flexibility to reach just the right people with the appropriate ad variation would allow NETSTOCK to stay relevant to the needs of its prospects.

Our Solution

Our team developed a nonconventional program to use acquired lists for targeted ad placement across search engines, social media, and display networks.

Key Benefits
  • Omni-channel ad strategy
  • Niche targeting
  • Measurable results

Crafting a relevant digital experience

Different types of prospects have different needs and expectations. NETSTOCK needed to tailor messaging to suit each type of prospect – from their role at the business, to the software they already used.

Our Solution

Our team collaborated with NETSTOCK to produce prospect-appropriate content – spanning from advertising copy, through landing page and email follow-up.

Key Benefits
  • Increased site engagement
  • Increased qualified leads

From price confusion to qualified sales lead

NETSTOCK needed to increase the leads in their sales funnel, while reducing the cost to acquire a new lead. Website recordings identified complexity on the pricing page as a bottleneck to generating new leads.

Our Solution

Our team collaborated with NETSTOCK to build a custom price estimate calculator. Visitors answer a few key questions, enter an email, and get a custom PDF price quote in minutes.

Key Benefits
  • 277% increase in email capture
  • Sales qualified leads skyrocket.


Results: 300% increase in digital marketing investment helps NETSTOCK get acquired

Our ability to capture key performance data and stitch together different milestones in the purchasing journey gave NETSTOCK confidence to go all in on digital marketing.

Year 1

active customers

Year 1 active customers Image
Year 3

active customers

Year 3 active customers Image


Decrease in cost per lead


More web-based sales leads


increase in active customers
Sales Leads by Quarter
Sales Leads by Quarter Image
Client Approved

“Before spending our hard-earned money on ads, Quiet Owl took time to really understand our business. They helped develop the right tracking and measurement so we could understand the performance of our ad budget. This methodology resulted in a tight feedback loop, where changes were tested continuously. It has contributed massively to our year-over-year recurring revenue growth.”

Barry Kukkuk | CTO