Case Study: JourneyTEAM

Untangle the B2B customer journey to unlock digital growth


Measure & optimize complex buying journey

JourneyTEAM helps businesses scale and reduce costs with Microsoft technologies. It has won the prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year award – twice. Like many B2B companies, JourneyTEAM struggled to gauge the impact of digital marketing on leads, prospects, and deals. With multiple decision-makers and lengthy evaluations, traditional tracking and optimization strategies don’t work.

Scope & Goals

Quiet Owl partnered with JourneyTEAM to: 1) refine digital strategy, 2) set up detailed measurement, 3) rebuild Google Ads, 4) improve website conversion

Measurement  /   Data in action  /   Google Ads Rebuild  /   Algorithm Training  /   Landing page optimization  /   Leverage Price Curiosity

Measurement: the foundation to scale digital marketing

Measuring digital marketing is harder for B2B than e-commerce. Many companies only track leads, cost-per-lead, cost-per-new-customer, and little else. This creates two problems: 1) It’s hard to understand and improve the customer journey with limited touch points measured, 2) Ad platforms like Google receive few signals to optimize campaigns.

Our Solution

Quiet Owl set up in-depth analytics for JourneyTEAM’s key website interactions, such as watching a video, viewing a product page, or downloading an infographic. Then we created a monthly scorecard to measure the full prospect journey – from awareness and engagement through lead generation. This uncovered digital ‘bottlenecks’ and guided which website/ad improvements would have the biggest impact.

Key Benefits
  • Insight into the prospect journey
  • Better campaign attribution
  • 20x signals to optimize campaigns

Data in action: every journey begins with a single click

Many B2B websites embed contact forms directly on the page – as opposed to a separate ‘contact us’ page. Typically, less than 10% of site visitors fill them out.

Our Solution

Quiet Owl encouraged JourneyTEAM to shift away from embedded forms, in favor of ‘Get In Touch’ CTA buttons that link to a dedicated form page. This let us measure intent – how many people were interested enough to click – which became a useful website metric and valuable signal to help Google Ads find the right users.

Key Benefits

+76% traffic to contact page

+18% form completion

8x signals for Google

Micro-conversions teach Google Ads who to target

Rigorous measurement gives Google Ads more signals to optimize around. Quiet Owl and JourneyTEAM came up with relative dollar values for key website interactions, then fed that info back to Google.

Our Solution

This exponentially increased the conversion data for Google algorithms to understand the value of each campaign, keyword, and audience – far beyond just lead submissions. We then leveraged Google’s smart bidding technology to find the people most likely to convert, more efficiently.

Key Benefits
  • More signals for Google
  • Improved visibility
  • -32% cost-per-lead


Landing page optimization: it’s about the journey & the destination

Increased Google Ad traffic exposed website conversion bottlenecks. JourneyTEAM planned on a complete redesign but was also eager to test the impact of short-term improvements.

Our Solution

Quiet Owl and the marketing staff picked a highly-trafficked campaign to revamp. Using product, competitor, and keyword research – along with executive interviews and sales feedback – Quiet Owl wireframed a new page flow and content sections. This concept was implemented quickly within JourneyTEAM’s existing website templates.

Key Benefits
  • 5x campaign-specific leads
  • Better site engagement
  • Lower cost-per-lead

Turn price curiosity into a lead gen machine

Firms like JourneyTEAM don’t usually show a full price breakdown on their website – it’s premature without understanding project requirements. But what if we could turn people’s innate price curiosity into a lead generation vehicle?

Our Solution

Quiet Owl proposed a simple variation of the contact button. Instead of only ‘getting in touch,’ people can now ‘request an estimate’ by answering a few helpful questions. The sales team quickly found these pricing leads were higher quality than expected, prompting JourneyTEAM to add more pricing calls-to-action throughout the site.

Key Benefits
  • 20% more leads
  • Higher quality leads
  • More signals for optimization

The Results

JourneyTEAM continues to remain one of our fastest growing clients in the B2B space. They have a highly responsive and innovative in-house team that is hungry to execute the marketing plans we design together.

Year 1

Lead Growth

Year 1 Lead Growth Image
Year 2

CPL Efficiency

Year 2 CPL Efficiency Image


More Qualified Leads


Cost per Lead Decrease


More engaged traffic
Charting Quarterly Growth
Charting Quarterly Growth Image
Client Approved

“Through message testing and optimizing our landing pages for both SEO and paid channels, we saw an immediate 4X increase in leads for just one page. Now we’re working scaling those efforts across all our lead gen pages to increase conversions and time to close.”

Shea Drake | Marketing Director