Case Study: Breeo Firepits

Smoking hot digital growth (minus smoke)


Unlock DTC growth

Breeo pioneered the first smokeless wood-burning fire pit over a decade ago. Sparked by this breakthrough, Breeo expanded its product line to bring outdoor-lovers and barbecuers the ‘ultimate campfire experience.’

Scope & Goals

Breeo partnered with our core team to cook up a digital marketing strategy to build awareness and drive sales. In less than a year, we used digital ads and analytics to help Breeo torch even its most ambitious goals. Results were 5x better than best case projections, and annual revenue targets were surpassed in a single month!

Performance-based ad budgets  /   Omni-channel campaigns  /   Conversion rate improvements

Flexible ad budget ignites quick ramp-up

Breeo sensed big growth opportunities. Our team helped quantify them by gauging the relevant online search, shopping, social media, and competitor traffic – and calculating what it’d cost to reach those customers.

Our Solution

We proposed a flexible advertising budget to accelerate growth. Rather than a fixed monthly cap, focus on the return on ad spend (ROAS). If campaigns exceed expectations, why leave untapped growth smoldering? Breeo agreed, and positive initial tests led to a lightning-fast ramp-up.

Key Benefits

Forecasts & benchmarks

Accelerated growth

Minimized risk

Omni-channel ad campaigns more than double ROI targets

Using in-platform data in isolation can lead to ‘blind spots’ and the double counting of attributed revenue.

Our Solution

Instead, we tracked user journeys with advanced analytics to learn how multiple ad platforms intersect. This gave us the ability to attribute ad-driven revenue more accurately and calculate ROAS with greater clarity. In return, Breeo gave our team the freedom to choose advertising platforms, content, and budgets to maximize growth.

Key Benefits
  • Flexibility to test-and-learn
  • Clarity on the buying journey
  • Accurate channel attribution
 Omni-channel ad campaigns more than double ROI targets Image

Right traffic + website performance = skyrocketing revenue

As traffic ramped up, opportunities for improving the buying journey on the website were exposed.

Our Solution

To ensure all this new traffic didn’t go up in flames, our team helped Breeo improve website performance with conversion rate optimization, SEO, and other UX fixes. The result? Conversion rates increased 176%, doubly impressive given the scale of awareness-generation efforts, which drove many ‘cold’ prospects to Breeo’s site.

Key Benefits
  • 176% conversion rate increase

Results: 20x online revenue growth

Our efforts filled Breeo’s sales funnel with new prospects that weren’t being reached before. As awareness grew via social media, it also drove more free branded search traffic – a 20x increase in people looking for Breeo’s products.


Online revenue growth


Conversion rate improvement


Website traffic increase

“We worked closely with David during 2020, a pivotal year for our company as our business model was changing to DTC. David's insight and execution on our digital ad spend and overall strategy were instrumental in us achieving a 20X increase in website revenue over the previous year. Working with David was a pleasure, as he is a dedicated professional and a great human being. ”

Jonathan Miller | Co-founder & Forbes 30 under 30