Case Study: Bam Boom Cloud

From zero leads to a reliable pipeline in 1 year

Starting on the wrong foot

The power of early mistakes

Bam Boom Cloud took the Microsoft world by storm. They help companies who outgrow tools such as QuickBooks upgrade to Business Central – at a fraction of the usual time and cost. Bam Boom Cloud asked Quiet Owl to replicate their U.K. success in North America.

Scope & Goals

We thought it’d be easy. Mimic what already worked, plus improve measurement and digital ad campaigns for a quick win. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Six weeks into the engagement, ZERO website leads. Read on to see how this challenge turned into one of our strongest case studies.

Google Ads  /   Measurement  /   Message Testing   /   Improve site conversion

Google Ads: False assumptions & silver linings

Google Ads produced leads in the UK. We assumed they’d work in North America, but prospects had very different expectations – even for the same keywords.

Our Solution

Despite failing to drive leads, our Google Ad strategy revealed a significant traffic opportunity: 1) RELEVANT KEYWORDS - Search terms directly connected to Bam Boom Cloud’s offering 2) GREAT CLICK-THROUGH RATES - 4.5% CTR meant Bam Boom Cloud’s pitch was appealing 3) LOW COST-PER-CLICK - B2B keywords are highly competitive in this space (typically over $8 per click), yet we competed with CPCs as low as $2.50. With numbers this strong, Quiet Owl realized it would take heavy lifting – beyond ad optimization – to achieve progress.

Key Benefits
  • Relevant keywords
  • Great click-through rates 
  • Low cost-per-click
  • Increase in unique website visitors
Google Ads: False assumptions & silver linings Image 1
Google Ads: False assumptions & silver linings Image 2

Measurement: Isolating bottlenecks in the prospect journey

Google Ads drove relevant prospects – the ad copy didn’t make false promises. But by only tracking leads (there weren’t any!), Google had nothing to optimize for. Nor could we pinpoint where the website fell short.

Our Solution

We needed better measurement to send more data back to the algorithms and learn why nobody converted. By tracking every website interaction – from scroll depth, to form clicks, to FAQ engagement – we helped train Google and found where people got stuck: 1) Product messaging missed the mark, 2) Lead forms left next steps unclear.

Key Benefits
  • Deeper tracking
  • Uncovering the user journey
  • Isolating bottlenecks

Message testing: Clear feedback from target audience unlocks leads

Bam Boom Cloud’s website was different than other Microsoft partners. Think fluorescent colors and cartoon pandas. Yet their messaging failed to capture attention. Scroll depth was non-existent. Screen recordings showed users bounced with little-to-no engagement.

Our Solution

It’s tempting to offer opinions and guess what needs improvement. But isn’t it better to get direct feedback from your target audience? Quiet Owl used a specialized B2B message testing service to gather actionable data on where messaging was confusing or uninspiring. By ‘listening’ to their audience, headlines and content blocks were adjusted on main landing pages – with immediate impact. Ad traffic began interacting, and Bam Boom Cloud got its first leads within a week.

Key Benefits
  • 93% increase in paid traffic spending >1 minute on site

Website Conversion: reforming the contact forms

You can drive the right traffic, refine website messaging, and still come up short at the final step: contact forms. Bam Boom Cloud’s forms were problematic. How did Quiet Owl know? We measured intent. There was huge drop-off from people who clicked ‘contact us’ (intent) to those who actually submitted a form (convert).

Our Solution

The fix? Forms were simplified by asking fewer questions. We made next steps clear, so people knew what to expect. Boom! Form completion skyrocketed, which amplified advertising efforts and messaging improvements in one stroke.

Key Benefits
  • Intent measurement
  • Form redesign
  • Increase in form completions

Results: From perspire... to acquire

We admit it. Quiet Owl was sweating in those first 6 weeks, when not a single lead came through. But a solid Google Ads strategy – along with messaging and website improvements – built a reliable lead pipeline which paid off in big ways: 1) Bam Boom Cloud won its second Microsoft global partner of the year award, 2) Bam Boom Cloud was acquired by Pax8, a worldwide marketplace for organizations who buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions.

Monthly Web Leads
Monthly Web Leads Image
Client Approved

“We made website optimization our priority – and with the suggestions and hard work of both teams, went from zero leads to 1 per day. What at first seemed like a far-fetched dream quickly became our reality.”

Tania Konczynski | Global Marketing Director