Case study: MATCH Pewter

Finding your MATCH…

About Client

MATCH Pewter is handcrafted in Italy. Both traditional and modern in design, these elegant pieces become instant heirlooms. The MATCH collection has been featured by America’s most prestigious retailers for over 25 years.

MATCH is a longtime client of the ZaneRay web design agency. Given their strong focus on retail channels, MATCH had never used digital marketing before. In the wake of the pandemic, they needed new levers to pull and shifted focus towards growing their D2C channel. MATCH partnered with Quiet Owl to set up measurement, test paid search & social campaigns, and improve the online buying experience. These efforts aligned with ZaneRay and Quiet Owl’s recommendation to move MATCH onto a more modern, open SaaS tech stack. The collective consensus, along with A/B testing conducted by Quiet Owl, informed the decision to move forward with a comprehensive website redesign and Shopify re-platform.

Scope & Goals

QUIET OWL services: digital strategy, paid search, paid social, influencer management, conversion rate optimization. ZANERAY services: UX design, interface design, flexible component design, design system/digital style guide, interface programming, platform selection analysis.

Measurement  /   A/B testing  /   Design & dev

Building the foundation

Just as MATCH delved into digital marketing, tracking and privacy restrictions made attribution and analytics more opaque. With low purchase volume, fewer signals for algorithms, and little historical data to spot trends, it was hard to measure the impact of new campaigns in traditional ways.

Our Solution

Quiet Owl overcame these obstacles by tracking each milestone in the buying process – not just ad spend and revenue. Touchpoints such as product page views, add-to-carts, and email sign-ups helped gauge how ‘cold’ ad traffic compared to loyal brand customers. This made the limitations of measuring the entire journey from ad click to purchase less critical – and provided more data points for optimization.

Key Benefits
  • MATCH is less reliant on cookies & ad platform data, which has become more opaque as privacy laws evolve and Google continues to change the rules of the game. They also benefited from new visibility into their KPI’s through the creation of a monthly digital marketing scorecard which allowed them to scale budgets with more confidence. 

Testing to validate the opportunity

The MATCH site was meticulously designed to reflect the brand’s aesthetic. However, the site was built many years ago before mobile was paramount and e-commerce platforms like Shopify streamlined tracking and integrations. Collectively, Quiet Owl and ZaneRay encouraged MATCH to take advantage of new technologies. Prior to making the decision to move forward with a new website, MATCH needed to clearly understand the opportunity to ensure that the time and investment would pay off.

Our Solution

In an effort to provide these insights, Quiet Owl created an A/B testing plan to prioritize short-term fixes and validate the uplift from incremental upgrades. Once MATCH saw the improvements from a new home page, product pages, and category / collection pages, they received the insights needed to make the decision to move forward with the new site.

Key Benefits


  • 7% more product page views (from just home page changes)
  • 8% conversion rate increase (from only improved product pages)
  • 15% more email sign-ups


Amplify the brand & optimize for D2C

Technologies and platforms are constantly evolving, and the ZaneRay team assessed MATCH’s business goals in light of their new focus on D2C.

Our Solution

Shopify emerged as the platform best suited to help them achieve those goals. Moving onto a SaaS platform would allow them to take advantage of modern technologies that would better support business growth. The goal of this project was to modernize the tech stack, improve the user experience for a more focused D2C website, and leverage customer insights provided by Quiet Owl to inform both the decision to move forward in re-platforming as well as improve the user experience on the new site.

Key Benefits
  • Modernize the data stack
  • Improve user experience
  • Leverage customer insights

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Collaboration and success

A well-designed and highly optimized site ensures the impact of marketing and optimization efforts is both supported and amplified. Making pewter by hand takes time, and building a digital marketing practice is no different. It’s a craft that requires a solid foundation for measurement, a commitment to learning by testing new growth channels, and a site optimized to simultaneously build the brand while selling more products. These collective efforts led to unprecedented growth for MATCH.

Email Capture


Email Capture Increase Image
Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate Improvement Image
58% YoY Revenue Growth
58% YoY Revenue Growth Image
Client Approved

“The shared expertise, experience, and the commitment of Quiet Owl and ZaneRay to cooperate with one another during the design and buildout of a new MATCH Shopify site, was extremely productive. We continue to reap the benefits of our (near) frictionless UI, and versatile Shopify platform. The numbers speak for themselves.”

David Reiss | Founder, CEO