Why we chose to be an outdoor marketing agency

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    Salt of the earth people

    You don’t work at an outdoor brand by accident. Our clients live the active, adventurous lifestyle they promote. This genuine, down-to-earth passion makes us excited to be their partner.

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    A Longer Path

    Buying technical outdoor gear is more complex than most online purchases. This gives extra chances to educate and inspire, but also creates challenges to track the customer journey.

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    Customers who can smell

    Outdoor enthusiasts are, ironically, some of the most active online audiences. They love to research gear, post on forums, and engage on social media. They also smell phony marketing a mile away, so we help our clients avoid shortcuts and always be authentic.

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    Using digital to get off the screen

    Digital marketing can feel like an impersonal numbers game – if you don’t have a deeper purpose. We believe in the healing power of being outdoors. Supporting adventure brands who get people into nature breathes life into everything we do.

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“Throughout our journey, Quiet Owl has been the flashlight in the proverbial digital cave, shining light where we need it, and keeping us on path. Love ’em! ”

Bill & Nate | Co-owners, BillieBars

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Change the short-sighted culture of digital marketing

No two clients are alike, but we’ve uncovered helpful patterns for success.

Long-form educational video beats razzle-dazzle reels

Keep it short. That’s what most digital marketers advise when it comes to video ads. We’ve found the opposite works better. People are tired of slick commercials on social media. Take the time to explain your products and provide substance. If it’s useful, people will watch, engage… and buy.

Tell your story within the shopping experience

Companies often scrutinize every word and image in their ads. Yet these same ads just link directly to a product or category page. What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t you get to the shopping experience as quickly as possible? This approach may work for customers who already know the brand. But new prospects often need context and appreciation for why your products are great – even if it lengthens the buying journey. Don’t assume they’ll visit your ‘Story’ page to learn what makes you special. Lifestyle landing pages, aimed at specific customer segments or activities, can ‘warm up’ cold audiences and improve conversion.

Grow direct-to-consumer sales without undermining retailers

Many outdoor brands face this dilemma. They want the reach and exposure that online retailers provide. Yet they don’t want to compete for the same traffic, especially when their marketing creates the demand. We’ve seen partnership agreements restrict retailers from ‘brand bidding’ (essentially cherry-picking prospects already searching for you). In addition, advanced measurement techniques can reveal how your ad budget impacts the entire business – beyond what happens directly on your website.

Measure the full journey & play the long game

Short-sighted strategies plague digital marketing. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Outdoor companies spend on ‘brand’ campaigns and remarketing because the ROI looks good. Yet they neglect true prospecting campaigns that lead to long-term growth, since the immediate numbers aren’t as appetizing. Proper measurement breaks this cycle. Track all the touchpoints in the buying journey – not just spend and ROAS on each ad platform. Even if certain campaigns don’t look as strong, you won’t lose sight of the broader opportunities and how marketing impacts growth.

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