Does this sound familiar?

We audit many Meta ad accounts of businesses struggling to unlock growth. Do any of these common themes among bottom performers apply to you?

Over-reliance on sales & promotions
Mixing re-marketing and prospecting audiences
Including view through conversions
Overspending on dynamic catalog ads
Focusing only on bottom-of-funnel content
Failing to test a variety of creative

Our listen-first approach treats paid social as a learning tool. We do this to help brands better understand their customers and how to motivate them.




  • Separate re-marketing from prospecting
  • Develop & measure full funnel campaigns
  • Simplify targeting
  • Test lifestyle vs educational creative
  • Test long-form vs short-form
  • Test in-house vs user-generated content
  • Test multiple ad formats
  • Provide data-informed content recommendations



  • Talk only about ROAS
  • Invest primarily in re-marketing to make ROAS look good
  • Wait for clients to give direction on content testing

“Overall the experience has been absolutely fantastic. From the get go, they genuinely wanted to understand the intricacies of our business and our customer to help us succeed.”


Director of Digital Commerce | Sea to Summit

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