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Our approach to paid shopping is granular, time-intensive to set up, and requires careful maintenance – the opposite of what Google pushes agencies to do (i.e. turn control over to its algorithms). We do this because we believe the value of paid shopping starts with learning.

More manual control gives us more visibility. Which products and categories are your top performers? Is Google favoring the right ones? Where can you push harder and scale? Where are you close to saturation and diminishing returns?

When shopping campaigns are on auto-pilot, those questions go unanswered. With our approach, we can continually fine tune your account to squeeze out the best ROI and insights.



  • Create single-theme ad groups for visibility & control
  • Manage negative keywords – don’t show on irrelevant terms
  • Apply keyword learnings to refine product feed
  • A/B test product attributes (titles, images)
  • Separate brand from non-brand spend
  • Leverage smart bidding strategies when appropriate



  • Only ‘black box’ Performance Max campaigns
  • All products lumped together in one ad set
  • Allow brand searches to dominate your budget
  • Neglect to apply keyword learnings to the product feed
  • Treat mobile and desktop traffic equally


Quiet Owl client budget for non-brand terms


Typical company budget for non-brand terms

“Quiet Owl’s mastery of paid advertising has been integral to our digital growth over the years, yielding outsized results thanks to sustainable long-term strategy, vision, and management.”


VP Ecommerce | Overland

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