How we support your marketing growth plan

Since digital marketing campaigns are ongoing, agencies can get stuck making short-term optimizations while missing the bigger opportunities.

We take a broad view to craft a cross-channel strategy that fits your goals – whether that be growth, improved efficiency, or both.



  • Business goal planning
  • Competitor research
  • Platform strategy & budgeting
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Campaign benchmarking
  • Target setting
  • Seasonality forecasting



  • Wait until the client asks for ideas
  • Recycle last year’s plan

“Before spending our hard-earned money on ads, Quiet Owl took the time to really understand our business. They helped develop the right tracking so we could understand the performance of our ad budget. This led to a tight feedback loop where changes were tested continuously. It has contributed massively to our year-over-year recurring revenue growth.”

Barry Kukkuk

Chief Technology Officer | NETSTOCK

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