NETSTOCK provides cloud-based inventory optimization software, helping a wide range of international businesses avoid stock-outs, manage excess, and place orders more efficiently.

NETSTOCK needed a digital marketing engine to achieve reliable, scalable growth beyond what partners alone could deliver. But tracking prospects through a B2B buying journey is complex – how can you confidently invest in digital when attribution gets so murky?

Our team dedicated itself to gaining a complete understanding of NETSTOCK’s entire business model. We used these insights to find new marketing opportunities and create a measurement model that revealed the most efficient advertising channels. Ultimately, revenue grew more than 400% over 6 years.

“Before spending our hard-earned money on ads, the Quiet Owl Team took the time to really understand our business. They assisted us in developing the right tracking and measurements so that we could understand the performance of our ad budget. This methodology resulted in a tight feedback loop where changes were tested continuously. It has contributed massively to our year-over-year growth in recurring revenue.”

Barry Kukkuk

Chief Technology Officer, NETSTOCK