BillieBars manufactures high strength truck bed bars and accessories in the USA, loved by truck enthusiasts and overland adventurers. This young company fits the mold of our ideal client: founder-owned, passionate, courageous enough to film their own content, and hungry for growth. 

In our first 8 months working with Quiet Owl, BillieBars saw online revenue soar more than 600%. This was achieved primarily through a paid social strategy. Their success has largely been due to Bill and BillieBars approached Quiet Owl to build on early organic momentum, and we created a powerful paid media strategy. While it feels like we’re just getting started, BillieBars is one of Quiet Owl’s fastest growing clients: a 600% online revenue increase during our first year.

This success has largely come from paid social media and BillieBars’ ability to produce authentic videos that resonate with their target audience. Quiet Owl also created a performance-based model for scaling ad spend that eliminated the guesswork and uncertainty which can often hamper a self-funded company’s growth.

“Working with Quiet Owl has transformed our company. Not only are they on the cutting edge of a ever changing landscape, but they have integrity and character that we find irresistible” 


Co-Owner, BillieBars